How to benefit from the virtues of essential oils with a green label by simply breathing

Essential oils with a green label make the ideal organic air freshener

It is often mistakenly believed that outdoor air is more polluted than indoor air. This is not true. The air we breathe at home is often saturated with chemicals from the paint on our walls or from our household products. By purifying the air in your home with an organic air freshener, you will avoid the accumulation of dust and the spread of viruses. 

An organic air freshener with health benefits

The essences of plants are full of virtues that are good for the skin and hair but also for home care. Why choosing an essential oil with a green label? Because it will be free from chemicals and therefore perfect as an organic air freshener for your house. A green label is a guarantee of quality for the product.

For example, essential oils such as eucalyptus or peppermint are known to facilitate breathing in the event of a cold. Lavender is considered to be purifying and relaxing. It is hence an oil to use in the evening to have a good night of sleep. Lemon and tea are also excellent assets as they strengthen the immune system.

You can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a piece of cloth or cotton. Then, place it in your vacuum cleaner. That way, when you start it up, it will give off a pleasant smell and freshen the air. Now it will be much more pleasant to clean up. 

Other uses of essential oils with a green label

In addition to its wonders as organic air freshener, an essential oil with a green label can be used in many different ways in skin care, hair growth lotions, household products or for aromatherapy. If you want to learn more about the uses of essential oils with a green label, check our blog articles on lavender or tea tree essential oils.

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