The beauty properties of organic argan oil

Morocco is the only place where the argan tree grows naturally. For some Moroccans, the argan tree is considered sacred because argan oil is for them a true “green gold”. Indeed, organic argan oil has many food and cosmetic properties.

Why using eco-friendly hair products with argan oil?

Argan oil is a real miracle for hair. It deeply nourishes the entire hair, from the ends to the roots of the hair, restoring its strength, volume and shine. In addition, it contains a large amount of vitamin E, known to slow hair loss. This is why this oil can be used in many eco-friendly hair products. In shampoo, you benefit from hair loss prevention and in conditioning, masks or oil combinations, you enjoy the moisturizing virtues. Organic argan oil is therefore an ingredient to look for in your eco-friendly hair products.

The benefits of argan oil in a green skincare product

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil is the ideal green skincare product. It nourishes the skin and contributes to the regeneration of its cellular tissue. A green skincare product containing organic argan oil will help fighting the signs of aging. Indeed, argan oil will slow down the appearance of wrinkles and keep the skin fresh and toned. Applied under the eyes, argan oil will also reduce dark circles.

Then, organic argan oil can also be used for the body as a hydrating or slimming massage oil. Indeed, this oil quickly penetrates the epidermis and smoothes the skin. The orange peel effect is therefore reduced. So, whether it is for the face or the body, argan oil is a wonderful green skincare product.

In short, in eco-friendly hair products as well as a green skincare product, argan oil, like many vegetable oils, has a lot to offer. Then, it is worth mentioning that argan oil is often in liquid form but in combination, it can appear in solid form. However, it will be just as effective. So be careful to keep it as an essential ingredient in your beauty routine.

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