How to choose organic beauty products?

The most expensive cosmetics are not necessarily the best or the ones you need. So here are some tips to help you choose the best organic beauty products with a reliable biolabel.

Know what your skin or hair need

To choose your organic beauty products with ecological ingredients, knowing yourself is essential. You need to know your skin type before you choose your skin care products. Indeed, oily skin does not need the same moisturizing ingredients as dry skin. Just as mature skin is different from young skin. And the same goes for hair. Depending on the texture and quality of your hair, you will need to use different products. An oily hair shampoo is generally more aggressive than a basic shampoo. That’s why you should avoid using this type of shampoo if your hair is not oily. Otherwise, it will irritate your scalp and may cause dandruff.

Bet on ecological ingredients

Then learn to recognize the names of cosmetic ingredients. You can use INCI apps or websites to help you. By inserting the name of the ingredient as it appears on the package, you will receive an information sheet about the ingredient. You will then be able to distinguish the ingredients of chemical and petrochemical origin from the ecological ingredients. As you learn more, you will discover that ecological ingredients are sometimes hidden under elaborate names. For example, tocopherol is simply the official cosmetic name for vitamin E.

Another tip is to look at the length of the ingredients list. The shorter it is, the better. A short list means that there are no or few superfluous ingredients in the recipe. Look for yourself, organic beauty products with the reliable biolabel Ecogarantie always have a rather short list of ecological ingredients.

Look for a reliable biolabel

If you don’t have the courage or time to analyze the ingredients one by one, we have the solution. Find a reliable biolabel on the packaging. The Ecogarantie reliable biolabel guarantees you the best choice for the planet, animals, workers and your health. So, thanks to the Ecogarantie reliable biolabel, you now know how to easily recognize organic beauty products with ecological ingredients.

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