Why choose organic cosmetic products with ecolabels?

Organic cosmetic products are safe and eco-friendly alternatives to their chemical version. Not only are they better for your health, but also for the environment! What’s more, ecolabels add an real value to organic cosmetics and allow you to trust them completely. Let’s learn more about their benefits, for you and the planet!

1/ Organic cosmetic products nourish your skin

Contrary to chemical and potentially dangerous cosmetics, organic products contain natural and pesticide-free ingredients. Therefore, instead of absorbing chemicals, your skin makes healthier components enter your body. This way, it draws all the nutrients it needs from nature. As a result, it looks really great and healthy. Because chemical ingredients only make your skin look good, organic ones make it glow for real.

2/ Organic cosmetics with ecolabels help protect the planet

Organic cosmetics are already contributing to the protection of the planet because they contain pesticide-free ingredients. But when they bear an ecolabel, it means that control bodies certify them and recognise them as really eco-friendly. On the one hand, it means that their components are safe and ecological. They don’t contain petrochemicals, halogen chemistry, GMOs or VOCs. On the other hand, it means that their whole production cycle is environmental-friendly. Actually, committed companies must comply with strict policies regarding waste management, packaging, water consumption are transportation.

3/ Eco-labelled cosmetic products have a positive social impact

Companies selling certified organic products maintain high social norms. In other words, there is no discrimination of any kind among the companies’ employees. And the same goes for the whole production cycle. Moreover, human rights are a priority and the products’ ingredients must be fair-trade whenever possible.

4/ Ecolabels help the animals

Eco-labels are quality labels that appear on products to inform you that they are ecological and organic. But in addition, these logos imply other important things. An ecological label proves that a products is controlled by a recognised organism and that it is safe for the environment. But, by extension, if a product is harmless for the planet, it is also for animals! Moreover, as the law dictates, animal testing is forbidden and the brands selling certified products must use alternative methods.

5/ Organic cosmetics products with ecolabels are healthier

Finally, organic products bearing an ecological label are completely safe for your health. They do not contain potentially dangerous chemicals and are GMO-free. Did you know that some components in conventional cosmetics were actually plastic? They are called microplastics. Even if we do not know yet for certain their effects on our health, it’s better to avoid them, don’t you think?

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