Make the difference by switching to organic products: a shampoo with bio label

We do not always realize this, but as a buyer, we have a power that should not be overlooked. For example, if you choose to buy cosmetics with a bio label or other organic products, you say you support the organic industry. And it is not hard to make an informed choice when you have a bit of information. 

Why using a shampoo with a bio label?

Shampoo with a bio label avoid the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, silicones and microplastics, to name only the most well-known ones, that suffocate your hair. An ecological shampoo only consists of natural ingredients and will therefore be softer for your scalp, which will reduce the tendency to dandruff and nourish your hair.

Moreover, those chemical elements are not good for the environment either since they disturb fauna and flora and are incredibly slow to degrade. By using organic certified shampoos, you will see your hair growing healthier without negatively affecting the environment. So, take the plunge, switch to organic products and make the difference!

Why using fairtrade products?

In addition to using a shampoo with a bio label, you can choose to go even further and look for shampoos that are fairtrade products as well. This way, you ensure that the people who work for the production of your shampoo work under the right conditions and you express yourself. Indeed, you show the industry your concern for the people who manufacture your cosmetic products. And this could have a major impact on the marketing aims of large cosmetic companies.

Ecogarantie guarantees fairtrade and organic products

By buying a product with the Ecogarantie label, you are therefore sure to use a product that is healthy for your hair and respects nature as well as human rights. It is as simple as that. The next time you enter a store, think about the consequences of your choices and choose the best shampoo on all criteria.

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