Count on eco-friendly brands to pamper your skin

Our skin is one of the most precious things we have. This is why it is important not to subject it to the aggression of petrochemicals that may be present in our daily cosmetics. For this, nothing beats turning to eco-friendly brands.

Make yourself a gift: switch to organic skincare products

Although our skin has the ability to regenerate itself, we must not forget to protect it. Indeed, some effects of skin aging are irreversible. By using organic skincare products, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles, skin dryness, acne and ingrown hairs.

Organic skincare products from eco-friendly brands have three main advantages. One is that they do not expose your skin to toxic substances. Secondly, eco-friendly brands do not use ingredients that affect the environment. And finally, organic skincare products bring you all the benefits of nature. For instance, with a body scrub with natural sea salt you will benefit from the salt virtues for the skin.

How to spot reliable ecolabels?

When you are looking for organic skincare products, look at the packaging. The presence of a logo is a good indication of how to recognize eco-friendly brands. But do you really know what each ecolabel logo refers to? And how to be sure they are reliable ecolabels?

On the market, many labels, like biolabels, only focus on the product itself and do not take into account the consequences of production or transport. Some other labels require only 60% biodegradability of the products’ ingredients. To be able to recognize reliable ecolabels, it is necessary to know the standards set by each of them.

When you are looking for reliable ecolabels, Ecogarantie is the right match. And not only because it focuses on the importance of biodegradability. The Ecogarantie label is the only European cosmetic label that does not control itself. That is to say, it is independent companies that will determine whether the brand or product meets the conditions to bear the Ecogarantie logo. So, the next time you look for organic skincare products from reliable ecolabels, make sure that the logo on the packaging refers to what you are looking for.

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