Post-summer blues: 5 eco labelled products to pamper yourself

Whether you are the kind of person that enjoys unlimited sun baths or tries a new water sport every day, you probably had your fair share of sun this summer, and boy was it hot. While some of us gladly embrace the cooler months of the year, others have a much harder time saying goodbye to those burning rays of sun. Luckily, plenty of eco labelled products offer the best care to rejuvenate your skin and we are about to share our 5 favourites.

After the summer your skin tends to lack of mineral salts and water. Thus, the priority here is to rehydrate and nourish deeply all the parts of your body to prepare it for the bleak winter. As an ecolabel, we collaborate with brands who guarantee a high level of quality to offer you the best eco labelled products there are on the market.

As a Belgian non-profit organization, it is an honour to shine a light on Belgian companies that strive for a better tomorrow with their vision. Without further ado, here’s a full pamper routine with 5 of the best eco labelled products in order to prevent your post-summer blues to get too intense.

1) Exfoliate with the Fresh Vetiver and Dead Sea Salt scrub from Oh Lou Lou

In order to give your skin a boost and get rid of all the dead cells, your routine should begin with a proper scrub. The Fresh Vetiver and Dead Sea Salt Scrub from Oh Lou Lou is the perfect solution because of its nourishing formula with an exalting perfume that suits all types of skins.

The vetiver is a herbaceous plant with antiseptic properties originally found in Sri Lanka and India and coveted for its relaxing virtues. The miraculous roots of this plant are often used in cosmetics to treat blood circulation and muscle pain.

The Dead Sea salt has a great grain texture which mean it’s extremely rich in minerals and trace elements so a perfect match for a sun-kissed skin! This salt has healing and detoxifying virtues and it’s honestly the best kind of salt you could use for self-care.

Oh Lou Lou is a family company based in Brussels with a simple philosophy: They don’t put on their skin something they wouldn’t eat. Their colourful brand offers a range of ecolabelled products without any chemicals, even the ones tolerated in ecolabels specifications. If you want to be overwhelmed with intoxicating perfumes, we highly recommend you try their natural cosmetics.

2) Savour with the Peony Soap from the Savonneries Bruxelloises

   peony soap savonneries bruxelloisesNow that you’ve exfoliated your skin properly, your post-summer blues routine goes on with the Peony Soap from the Savonneries Bruxelloises.

Its calming and enchanting perfume is the perfect combo to relax and enjoy shower time like never before. This “Triple Milled Soap” collection is enriched with Rich Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Glycerin to give you a luxuriant, moisturising and fragrant bathing experience.

“Triple Milled” means that the soap passes through the press not once, but three times during manufacturing, allowing the soap and fragrance oils to mix better. The final product contains less water and therefore more soap. This results in a soap that smells longer, lasts longer and stays hard.

Founded over 90 years ago, these craftsmen only want to offer the best soaps in the world and they still house the production in the original building according to a traditional method.

Discover this elegant range of unctuous soaps with their delicate aromas and let yourself be seduced by the Savonneries Bruxelloises and their expertise.

3) Soothe with the Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel from Bioflore

gel aloe vera bio biofloreIf you managed to enjoy the sun properly this summer, your skin is probably experiencing stinging and dryness which is why in this routine you really need to soothe and hydrate it before you nourish it.

The Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel from Bioflore is the perfect concentrate to help you do just that. Made with 94,9% of fresh aloe vera pulp juice, this gel contains all the therapeutic virtues of this plant. With over 80 different nutriments, vitamins and minerals, the aloe vera increases the absorption of essential fatty acids in skin tissues.

The aloe vera literally is a hydration and soothing bomb for your skin and it’s the perfect ingredient for DIY cosmetics because of its texture, smoothness and stability.

Bioflore is a rather committed company, because the tara gum used in this gel isn’t a chemical xanthan one: also called Peruvian carob, the extraction of this natural gum creates sustainable jobs in Peru for the agricultural communities.Make sure you check out their eco labelled products! Bioflore offer ranges of natural cosmetics, aromatherapy oils and ingredients for your DIY products.

4) Nourish with the complete face care Visage Wow from Habeebee

visage waouw habeebeeNow that your skin is clean and hydrated, a proper routine would implement a nourishing phase, and focus especially on your face. Why is that? Well, all year long our faces suffer the most with changes of temperatures and time itself.

Our favourite product against post-summer blues? The Visage Waouw from Habeebee the bee-loving company. This revolutionary serum nourishes, hydrates and protects your skin: It’s a no brainer! Enjoy all the antioxidant and repairing effects of the propolis thanks to this innovative care product manufactured from a propolis infusion in jojoba oil. 

Spreading two drops of this very thin oil in your morning and night routine on a slightly damp skin will allow you to enjoy all the antioxidant and repairing effects of the propolis without the shiny and clogging effect. Its concentrated formula is enriched with biological ingredients which makes it thicker, therefore more economical and more efficient to prevent irritations. Habeebee created a sustainable business that care deeply about the bees, and if you’re looking for insanely efficient eco labelled products, you should definitely give them a try!

5) Soften with the Coconut & Hemp Hand Cream from Make Senz

Besides our face, our hands also suffer from changes of temperatures and daily tasks: dishes, manual work and these days, sanitizers of all kinds. To nourish and soften it up, we selected the Coconut and Hemp Cream from Make Senz

Thanks to its coconut oil and hemp content, this hand cream has a phenomenal hydrating and repairing effect. It penetrates your skin quite rapidly and doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling. It fixes damaged and dry hands and also prevents and reduces pigmentation spots that appear over time.

With over 99% of natural ingredients, this cream doesn’t only contain coconut and hemp but is also enriched with essential oils: in this cream you will find geranium, ylang-ylang and carrot essential oils which have anti-oxidants and anti-stains effects.

Apply a knob on each hand and massage from the wrists to your fingertips with circular movements to increase penetration. Make Senz’s tip for an extended effect? Apply generously before going to bed.

They mastered the botanical sciences and aromatherapy to allow you to use the right amount of the right product at the right time. We couldn’t agree more with their motto “Less, but better” and invite you to discover their eco labelled products!

One of the best things there is, is to be able to take a moment for yourself: under a blanket with Netflix, Skyping with your friends and family or testing this post-summer blues routine, any reason is good to take a break and enjoy a nice moment of self-care.If you are looking for more eco labelled products or any kind of routine, discover our product’s page or our blog!

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