Why Ecogarantie products do not contain petrochemicals

Ever heard of petrochemicals? These controversial substances may be present in more products than you imagine. But Ecogarantie decided not to use any. Here is why. 

What are petrochemicals

First, let’s talk about science. Petrochemicals are substances derived from petroleum or natural gas. Extracting these raw materials puts the whole ecosystem at risk. The transforming process of petroleum into chemicals is also a very polluting process. The burning of fossil fuels releases toxic particles and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Now that you understand where they come from, do you know what they are used for? When hearing the word “petrochemicals”, you may directly think of plastic. And you’re right. But did you know that these chemicals were also present in products you may be using every day? Detergents, baby lotions or make-up can also contain petrochemicals for a variety of reasons.

In cosmetics, they can for instance be used for their occlusive properties, making your skin look hydrated or smooth. But when you apply them every day, such products can create a barrier on your face and prevent your skin from breathing naturally. This is why you can sometimes end up with spots or blackheads! And the same goes for cleaning and washing products. Have you ever scratched your head or your arms just after taking a shower? Although effective, some of these products can irritate your skin or cause allergies.

How can you avoid petrochemicals

Have you ever managed to read a product’s label? We bet it, you had a hard time trying. And with good reason. Chemicals generally appear on labels under complicated scientific names. Differentiating them from natural ingredients can be hard. Instead of loosing energy attempting to understand a product’ composition, you can put your trust in ecolabels. Eco-labelled products guarantee that they do not contain chemicals derived from petroleum or other toxic components. It saves you time, and it saves the planet!

Social Media & Public Relations Manager
Social Media & Public Relations Manager

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