What are the uses of pure cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is an essential ingredient in a good lip balm, but it is not its only use. Indeed, cocoa butter also works wonders when it is present in ecolabelled soaps or organic hair products. Let’s discover more about the magical properties of this natural butter.

As an ingredient for lip balms

You probably already know that cocoa butter has repairing properties for the lips. But do you know why? Simply because pure cocoa butter is rich in stearic, palmitic and oleic acids. And these acids provide it with an intense moisturizing and healing action. This is why this fat is generally present in lip balms. Combined with beeswax, which protects against the sun’s rays, pure cocoa butter is the best possible lip care. Moreover, it can also be used on the skin to fight dryness or eczema.

As a base for ecolabelled soaps

Pure cocoa butter can also be part of the basic ingredients to make soap. Indeed, cocoa butter enables obtaining a soap with a high foaming power and a creamy appearance. Moreover, it gently cleanses and moisturizes all skin types. In addition, the smell, which is slightly reminiscent of chocolate, is divine! It is therefore very pleasant to wash with cocoa-based ecolabelled soaps. So, whether you make your own soap or buy ecolabelled soaps in stores, think of pure cocoa butter as an ingredient. You will not be disappointed. Then, if you want to try soap making, find out about the cold process of making soap. It is a very easy way to start making your own soap while keeping the virtues of the fats such as cocoa butter used.

In organic hair products

Then, pure cocoa butter is highly recommended in organic hair products for frizzy or curly hair. Indeed, it relaxes the hair fiber while moisturizing, which makes well-defined curls. Cocoa butter also improves hair shine and gives it a pleasant scent. So, like ecolabelled soaps, choose organic hair products containing cocoa butter, especially if your hair is difficult to tame.

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