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produits issus de labels écologiques posés sur des étagères dans un magasin

Being green is not that easy! Here are the keys to shop in a more sustainable way.

How to make your household ecological

Want to have an ecological household? You're in the right place. Learn more about ecological labels, zero waste, and much ecolgical household products.

Why there’s no silicone in cosmetics with an ecolabel

Silicone is a controversial ingredient you will never find in cosmetics with an ecolabel.

Why it’s important to buy a product with and eco-label

An eco-label tells you something about a product and allows you to know more about its ecological impact.

5 tips to go green and be more eco-friendly

How can you be more eco-friendly on a daily basis? Here are 5 tips to go green.

Bamboo toothbrushes: an ecological alternative to plastic brushes

Did you know that tons of plastic was accumulating in the ocean? Bamboo toothbrushes are an ecological alternative to plastic brushes.

5 must-have ecoproducts to be eco-friendly on the go

Want to reduce your ecological footprint? Here are 5 must-have eco products to be eco-friendly on the go.

The benefits of ecological solid soaps

Ecological soaps slowly start to replace shower gels in our bathroom. Here are their benefits.

Minimalism and ecology go hand in hand

Minimalism and ecology: two different current trends that both aim at reducing our environmental impact.

Why is going green so hard?

We all know we should go green. And yet, we tend to mistrust environmentally-friendly products and go on using our usual products. Why is that?

How to make your kitchen ecological

Here is how you can make your kitchen ecological.

How to make your bathroom ecological

Here is how you can make your bathroom ecological.