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Greenwashing: a malicious practice forbidden from this point forward

Do you know greenwashing? It's forbidden from this point forward!

main avec crème en forme de coeur. routine anti déprime hivernale avec produits écolabellisés

Discover our 5 steps self-care routine to avoid the post-summer blues with eco labelled products from Ecogarantie!

How to recycle your cosmetics and self-care products

What to do with all the cosmetics and self-care products lying around in your bathroom ? Reuse, recycle or throw away, we tell you what to do!

5 New Year’s resolutions that you’ll finally keep

Every year it's the same thing, we do a list of good resolutions and after a few weeks we realise that we're failing at keeping them. Ecogarantie gives you 5 objectives easy to achieve and that are also good for the planet.

What are you waiting for to make ecological choices?

Transitioning to eco-friedly habits and going for ecological quality products is actually easier than it may seem. Here is a little guidance.