How do I get certified?

Step 1: The Control

Our association status gives us no right to control the products we label. That is why the awarding of the Ecogarantie label depends on a control that is carried out by an accredited third-party certification body certified according to ISO 17065.

Once a year, it ensures that the products comply with the Ecogarantie specifications and delivers a certificate to our members.

An independent certification guarantees a higher degree of reliability, and represents the first step in getting the Ecogarantie label.

Step 2: The Membership

Once you get your product's certificate with one of the control bodies listed below, you can reach to our team to apply for a membership!

All you need to do is fill an ID form, sign a convention and settle your membership fees.

If your values echoes ours and your products comply with our standards, we can't wait to greet you in the Ecogarantie family!

Step 3: The Label


You are now a proud member of the association and a user of the Ecogarantie label. You then receive our logo to apply it on your packaging and a membership certificate.

Who are the control bodies?


Founded in 1991, their mission is to keep on promoting the organic sector and guarantee its credibility.

Their wish is to maintain trustworthy relations with their customers through their values: proximity, ethics, independence and transparency.

Created in 1988, their mission is to maintain their technological excellence and provide future-proof results for their customers.

Integrity, sustainability and diversity are their top concerns while they put the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Designed in 2000, their mission is to provide knowledge to the consumers about the quality and safety of their purchases.

They seek to offer a sustainable partnership with their customer by cultivating proactivity, excellence and innovation.

Why choose Ecogarantie?

Besides being the strictest ecolabel in terms of standards
(we ask that all natural extracts in the products must be 100% organic),
being an Ecogarantie member offers many perks:

Trade Union

We care for your rights and interests.
This means that we can fight your battles by your side as a syndicate.


We increase your e-marketing by boosting your SEO and web traffic with the display of your products on our website.


We promote your brand on social medias, issue articles about your products, release video reports of your manufacturing processes etc.

Do you want to make a change?

Being a member of our association also offers you the possibility of taking our standards to the next level. Your voice is heard and you can collaborate with us in the writing and evolution of our standards.