The Ecogarantie label is

100% Organic

As the strictest label on the market, all the ingredients of natural origin in our ecolabelled products are 100% organic.

Public and non-profit

We guarantee that the certified products meet strict quality standards in terms of safety and sustainability.


Since in Europe the use of Genetically Modified Organisms isn't regulated, we took responsability and prohibit them.

100% Neutral

Independent auditing bodies make sure that our members comply with our specification during the whole production process.

biodegradable ecogarantie leaves eco circle


Most of our ecolabelled products are made with biodegradable ingrédients to minimize their impacts on the environment.

No petrochemicals

Although a small list of petrochemical ingredients is accepted by the EU, we prohibit the addition of other petrochemicals.

Our Mission
& Vision

Our core goal is to help you to find real ecological products. We want you to see the Ecogarantie label and immediately trust the product.

Today, we are the strictest ecological label on the market, as an international company without financial goals. All this effort comes from a real belief to heal the planet.

The Ecogarantie products are submitted to strict ecological requirements and all natural extracts are 100% organic. These demands are controlled by third-party companies, so the certification is completely independent.

We stand by this mission with our 4 core values


Besides meeting our standards, our members must abide by the European legislation.

Our ecolabel values every living being and ensures customers that no animal tests were done on finished products.


Our members strive for equal rights and treatments with a social and environmental responsibility policy.

A qualitative relationship between processor, producer and customer is mandatory, which means fair prices should be paid to suppliers and offered to customers.


To protect the environment, we have strict protocols: all natural extracts are 100% organic and must be biodegradable.

We also care about sourcing, manufacturing, energy consumption and transportation. Our members must implement a sustainable production process.


Our ecolabel works with 3 independent control bodies to ensure a 100% neutral certification. Based on their reports, Ecogarantie decides to hand out the label or not.

Members can also participate in updating our specifications.

and the most dedicated team!


Cosmetic safety
assessment Expert


Entrepreneur &
Chairman of Ecogarantie