We all know that bees play a crucial role in pollination. They carry pollen from plant to plant, from flower to flower. This is not the only bees’ role. Indeed, bees produce royal jelly, honey and beeswax. Moreover, they harvest propolis from trees, gather pollen and bring them to the hive. What you perhaps don’t know, is that all these bee products are real treasures: they possess therapeutic virtues. That’s the reason why they are used in medicine. This is known as apitherapy.

In Ancient Times, bee skin care products were already used

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, promoted the virtue of honey as skin care product. Egyptians and Chinese prepared bee beauty products with honey for skin care. At the end of the 10th century – beginning of the 11th century, the Persian doctor Avicenne admitted the benefits of bee skin care products.

The range of bee cosmetics

The bee beauty products assortment ranges from daily corporal hygiene to expertise in cosmetics for the whole family. Among the bee skin care products, you can find shower gels, bars of soap, skin creams, hand creams, body lotions, body balms, …. The product line also includes hair products.

The benefits of bee beauty products

The beehive products are good for you with their healing, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. They are a source of essential and non-essentials nutriments such as sugars, minerals, proteins, vitamins, enzymes and prolyphenols. Very rich in nutriments, they are gentle for the body.

Bee skin care products to reduce the signs of ageing

Raw honey and royal jelly are known to improve collagen production and to stimulate skin fibres that give structure to the skin. Another tremendous bee product to keep the skin looking younger is the bee pollen. It helps promote cellular regeneration as it contains rejuvenating nutrients. Finally, the propolis contains anti-oxidants that help reduce the wrinkles.

Bee beauty products for a healthy skin

With its powerful moisturising properties, the propolis is very effective in softening the skin. It can also be used for eczema and psoriasis.

Another amazing bee product for the skin is beeswax. It softens, deeply moisturises and protects the skin. That’s the reason why you can find it in many salves and lip balms.

Bee cosmetics against acne

It is scientifically proven that the propolis kills the bacteria that is one of the causes of acne.

Bee beauty products to reduce scarring

Propolis can be used to reduce any type of scarring: stretch marks, acne scars, operation scars, …

Why bio-labelled bee cosmetics are the right choice

Organic cosmetics are cosmetics that must contain at least 95% of ingredients of organic origin (i.e. they must come from organic farming). In other words, they mustn’t contain any chemical fertilizers, pesticides and GMOs.

When you buy an organic-labelled bee beauty product, you can be sure that this product is really organic. Indeed, to get organic-labelled, a product must fulfil very strict requirements and must be certified.

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