The secret to a sparkling smile? A toothpaste with an organic label!

How to get a beautiful star smile? Choose a toothpaste with an organic label. Indeed, ecological hygiene products are just as effective at cleaning and protecting your teeth as conventional toothpaste. So don’t hesitate any longer, take the plunge!

Why choosing a toothpaste with an organic label?

First, let’s tackle a myth. Remember that ecological hygiene products work just as well as conventional ones. A dental paste with an organic label is indeed just as effective as your usual toothpaste. It will target bacteria that cause cavities, plaque or bad breath just as well. If you are not convinced, try and see for yourself.

Secondly, the advantage of organic ecological hygiene products is that they do not contain undesirable substances or chemical components. The usual toothpastes contain colourings, synthetic flavours and preservatives that organic dental pastes do not contain.

Then, it should not be forgotten that the oral mucosa is very permeable. It is therefore difficult not to impregnate it with the undesirable components of toothpastes, like preservatives or colorants, when brushing your teeth. In addition, it is very rare not to swallow toothpaste. That is why there is a great interest in choosing toothpaste with an organic label.

Switch to ecological hygiene products

If you want to do more for the environment, then choose a bamboo toothbrush. Bamboo is a tree that grows very quickly: between 3 and 5 feet per year. It is therefore very interesting for this type of use. And unlike a plastic toothbrush, the bamboo one is biodegradable, which is much better for our planet. By choosing a toothpaste with an organic label and a bamboo toothbrush, you significantly reduce your impact on the environment. So, don’t hesitate any longer, gradually replace your conventional hygiene products with ecological hygiene products! You’ll see how nice it is to have an eco-friendly bathroom.

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