How to go green and make the transition to ecological products?

In a society which attempts to go green, we all know we should use more ecological products. But changing our habits may not always be easy. Fear, disappointment, misinformation, … all the more reasons to prevent us from taking the plunge. Here are some tips to help you make the transition to eco-friendly everyday products. 

Try different ecological products

“Organic cream leaves white marks on my skin”. “Ecological shampoo doesn’t smell nice”. “I like my toothpaste to make me feel fresh”. “Eco-friendly cleaning agents are not as efficient as the ones I use”. Do these remarks ring a bell? You’re not the only one to question the craze for ecological products. But don’t worry, the sector is developing. Nowadays, there are tons of eco-friendly cosmetics and washing products on the market which actually work. They are more and more efficient, and more and more diverse.

Try different products before making up your mind. In the end, it’s like any other conventional product. Some eco-friendly products will work better for you than others. Don’t be afraid to test different textures, scents and brands. We guarantee you will finally find the product that works best for you.

Don’t be afraid to go green, no matter what people think

Are you considering going green? Know this: you’re not alone. But people making the transition may not necessarily live next door. Even if your friends and relatives judge your actions, believe in yourself. If you are convinced that you’re doing what’s best for you, the planet and the animals, then go on and go green. People may not understand your initiative right away. But in time, they will. Society, mindsets and attitudes are evolving. By sharing your values with people around you, you will contribute to making the change.

Do some research about ecological products

Greenwashing, labels, standards, … the list goes on. You can really spend hours looking for information about sustainable consumption. So, do it! Join Facebook groups, ask for labels’ standards, read studies, watch documentaries. Not only will you gain motivation to make the transition, but you will also have powerful and trustworthy pieces of information to support your choices.

Speaking of labels (the trustworthy labels, of course), don’t hesitate to rely on them. They are the perfect guide to help you make better choices on a daily basis. Either for food or care products, there are committed and honest labels ready to promote healthy eating and living. You just have to make sure their standards match your values and correspond to what you expect from organic and ecological labels.

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