How to turn your bedroom into an ecological one?

A bedroom is a place where we spend at least 7 hours a day and it’s also a very polluted room… Indeed, we are breathing the same air and we’re in contact with the same materials for a long non-stop time because we’re sleeping. As we spend 30% of our time in the same room, it needs to be as healthy as possible. Wondering where to start? In this article, we’ll help you and tell you how to switch little by a little to a more green bedroom. 


Have the right equipment

First, you have to choose some eco-friendly paints for your walls. Because yes, it exists! Conventional wall paints contain a lot of toxic substances such as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are dangerous components that are vaporized into air and dissolved in water. They are forbidden in ecological products standards. They produce steam that will easily be spread in the room without knowing it. That’s why they threaten your health and the environment. There is more and more information about ecological paints so that you can easily find which one to buy. 

Besides, having the right equipment also includes having the right mattress and bed sheets. If you have synthetic textiles, they may release dangerous chemicals you will definitely breathe. Your skin will also touch these chemicals for hours. Unfortunately, everything that touches your skin could be absorbed during the night. And it’s the same for your mattress. Do not hesitate to choose sustainable bedding materials such as organic cotton, linen or bamboo. Polyester is to be avoided! 

Regarding the light, you can equip the room with low-energy or LED light bulbs. This kind of bulb consumes much less than standard ones. 

In terms of decoration, did you know that plastic could be a very polluting material? As alternatives, you can opt for objects in bamboo, glass or wooden to decorate your room. It will be eco-friendly, healthy but also beautiful! 

Moreover, have you ever thought about plants in the bedroom? In addition to embellishing it, they have real purifying power! They can help you to reduce pollution and to improve the air quality. Smart, isn’t it? 

Have good reflexes

One thing that’s very very important in the bedroom is the airing. Because yes, even during winter, you have to air your room! Every day, open your windows at least for 10 minutes. It will renew your bedroom air, which is full of CO2 after a night’s sleep. Moreover, as we said before, your wall paints could contain some dangerous chemicals that take a lot of time to disappear. Did you know that even your objects could release dangerous chemicals? So the ventilation is something not to neglect. It’s even more true with the current healthcare context. 

Concerning the energy, you should switch off all the appliances you don’t use and regulate your temperature. We can also live without heating in the bedroom! If you really can’t do without it, we advise you to put it at a low temperature (not more than 16°). By being careful, we’ll save a lot of energy and you’ll reduce the price of your bills. And of course, we’ll keep your bedroom healthy and pure. 

You should also pay attention when you’re cleaning your household because a lot of cleaning products are dangerous for the health. You can learn more about it in a previous article we wrote. In general, we must be careful in our bedroom because we spend about 7 hours a day in it and we breathe a lot of things during the night. We advise you to invest in natural detergents. They respect your health, your pets and your environment. Perfect for those who cannot sleep without our four legged-friends! 

Other tips to feel good in your eco-friendly bedroom

Still not convinced despite all these changes? You can adopt other eco-friendly reflexes! 

For the ones who have difficulties falling asleep, Ecogarantie® certifies products that will certainly change your life! If you incorporate these night products into your daily routine, we think that you’ll feel much better. 

Sleeping sprays from Essential E2 Elements, Pranarom and Physalis are recommended for sleepless nights! 

They will help you to relax and to remove tensions. They have a calming effect to get rid of anxiety. Besides, they maximize your sleep quality and duration. 

It’s not just the sprays that have a soothing power and are good for your sleep. You can think about skin care too! For example, the oil from Bioneuf is regenerating for the night. It has different actions: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidants. And in addition to this, it encourages your sleep. Great, isn’t it? 

In general, you can use different essential oil to help you feel relaxed before sleeping. For instance, lavender is known to be a natural sedative and camomile is a commonly used soothing oil. Also, basil essential oil is known for its properties against insomnia and anxiety. Feel free to take a look at our large selection of essential oils, they’re all certified Ecogarantie®, safe and natural, it’s a no brainer!! 

We saw that having healthy equipment can help for a more ecological bedroom. But no worries if you are not equipped that way! We know that it takes time but also money. You can, little by little, adopt simple daily measures that will help you to keep it pure and ecological. It will be a big step forward! 

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