5 unsustainable ingredients you won’t find in certified products

There are many unsustainable ingredients that you can find in conventional products. Either chemically-made or unsafe for the planet, you should avoid them for the sake of your health as well as the environment. Here are 5 of them you will never find in certified products.

Petrochemicals are unsustainable ingredients

Ever heard of petrochemicals? They actually come from petroleum or natural gas. Extracting these raw materials puts the whole ecosystem at risk. And the transforming process of petroleum into chemicals is also a very polluting process. The burning of fossil fuels releases toxic particles and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So, using petrochemicals in ecological products would be a little contradictory, don’t you think? Moreover, if some components are unsafe for the planet, why would they be for your health?

Microplastics are not eco-friendly components either

Of course, if we consider petrochemicals to be unsustainable ingredients in our standards, why would microplastics be? They are, as their name suggests, also derived from petroleum since they are mere plastic. But have you already thought of how companies actually make plastic? Not only is the production very polluting, but all the chemicals added to obtain it may not be safe for the environment. And the problem with microplastics is that we don’t know what their health effects are for sure. All we know is that some particles are small enough to enter our food chain and our body. But you don’t want to take the risk, do you?

There are no synthetic perfumes in certified products

And you know what? Petrochemicals as also part of synthetic perfumes’ composition! Not only can they cause irritation or allergies, but they can also have effects on your hormone balance. Have you already tried to stop using any chemical products during a few months? When smelling synthetic scents again after a period of abstention, you may feel sick or start coughing. The Breast Cancer Foundation also recommends to avoid such fragrances. Why not choosing natural and pure fragrances like in certified products instead?

GMOs are also unsustainable ingredients

Here again, scientists don’t know if GMOs are unsafe for human health. However, they do acknowledge that using GMOs encourages unsustainable farming methods. If crops are more resistant to diseases, farms may be tempted to rely more on monoculture. But this agricultural production method harms the environment by degrading and impoverishing the soils. Moreover, producing genetically modified crops may also impact other cultures that were not directly intended to be modified. It can thus also have an impact on the fields’ surrounding biodiversity.

Certified products don’t contain VOC

Finally, VOCs, or Volatile Organic Components, are compounds released from some of your everyday products. Air fresheners, cleaners, disinfectants but also cigarettes, glues or paints are among the long list of toxic products. But why are VOCs harmful? When inhaling or touching products containing VOCs, you can experience a variety of health issues like irritations, dizziness, nausea, etc. Moreover, products containing VOCs are also linked to poor indoor air quality. Why don’t your try to avoid chemical products in the future?

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