As a consumer, you always want to purchase the best product. How to choose the best product? How to know a product quality? Enterprises claim their product is the best. They won’t say otherwise. Who or what can you trust?  In the Horeca sector, the stars help you to distinguish a good hotel or a good restaurant.  On product packages, you have probably noticed some logos. What do these logos mean?  

Logo vs label vs label quality

One or more logos are sometimes present on a product package. Logos are signs that substantiate labels. Not all labels are the same. Among all the labels, you can find the quality control label.

What is a quality control label

A quality label is a formal distinction granted to a product or a service. It guarantees that a product is conform to strict criteria defined in some specifications. These specifications enable you to know the standards a product must respect. By way of illustration, let’s take an organic quality label.  Its specifications mention the minimum required percentage of organic ingredients. It also lists forbidden ingredients that are harmful to the health. A label quality is a guarantee of total product quality.

Quality label awarding

Every quality control label has its own specifications that specify the criteria a product must fulfil. A third-party certification body checks the product meets the specifications standards. If it is the case, a certificate is delivered according to the certification regulations of the label. Once certified, a product must affix the label logo on its packaging. This certification has a time limit (mentioned in the product specifications). To keep the label quality, a product must be regularly checked by a certification body.

Which quality label to choose

Lots of quality control labels exist. They can be classified as follows:

  • Their origin: they can be national or international. Some quality labels are national, others are international. They can be official (i.e. they are created by public authorities) as the European organic label or they can be private as the Belgian Ecogarantie label.
  • Their fields: sectoral or multi-product (i. e. they cover several product categories)
  • Their specifications:
    • Environmental, organic or social requirements;
    • One or several criteria;
    • Criteria concerning the whole product lifecycle or only a specific stage of the lifecycle.

A quality control label meets your expectations

You can trust a product with a quality label.  It guarantees a total product quality. Moreover, a label quality certifies that the product meets your expectations. Therefore, when you buy an organic-labelled product, you can be confident the product is organic and doesn’t contain any ingredients harmful to the health. In the same way, you can trust an eco-labelled product as it is environmentally friendly.

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