The benefits of ecological solid soaps

The first liquid soaps appeared in the 19th century. And since then, they have progressively replaced their solid version. But nowadays, we can see that ecological solid soaps have a place again in our home. Icons of an ecological bathroom, they are considered more eco-friendly and healthier. Let’s learn more about their benefits. 

Eco-friendly solid soaps contain healthy, safe and nutritious ingredients

Unlike shower gels, solid soaps are not liquid. It means that they contain far less water than our usual body washes. But what can you find instead? Actually, solid soaps’s main ingredients are generally oils or butters. Therefore, their powerful natural properties nourish your skin and make it feel great and hydrated. And contrary to chemical shower gels, they don’t contain petrochemicals, synthetic scents nor preservatives. And if you can get organic eco-friendly soap, it’s all profit for you!

Reduce your environmental impact with ecological solid soaps

But ecological solid soaps are more than a non-liquid version of shower gels. They are a true alternative to polluting, unsustainable washing products we can buy in supermarkets. In terms of quantities, solid soaps are often sold in a very smaller packaging than shower gels. But unlike their liquid version, they are also generally plastic-free. Instead, their packaging is generally made of cardboard or a sleeve. As a result, you produce less waste and you recycle more. Transporting soaps is also much more ecological than distributing plastic bottles. Not only do they take less space, but they are also lighter.

Using eco-friendly solid soaps makes you save money

Finally, ecological solid soaps tend to last much longer than their liquid counterparts. As a matter of fact, people are more likely to use more product if it is liquid. Most eco-friendly soaps also don’t contain preservatives because they don’t need to. In fact, they last much longer than conventional shower gels with an expiry date. And you save money because you buy less and less often.

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