Why do our members chose the ecological label Ecogarantie ?

Ecogarantie is more than just a certification. It is a full-fledged european ecolabel, also known as an “ecolabel,” that allows companies to prove the quality of their products and helps consumers find truly ecological products. Beyond that, Ecogarantie is the eco labels closest to its members. Its mission is to accompany them throughout their ecological certification process and promote them through social media and its website. This is why some of our members have chosen to share their experiences in this article.

The strictest european ecolabel

Ecogarantie has several strengths that set it apart from other eu eco label. It is a neutral, independent, and very strict label. The annual audit for the products is not conducted internally; our three partner control organizations handle it. This ensures complete neutrality and transparency. We do not control the products ourselves, nor we decide who receives the label. This makes us the most neutral and independent eu ecolabel. In terms of criteria, we consider ourselves the strictest certification in Europe. We prohibit many harmful substances in our labeled products: no petrochemicals, no GMOs, no synthetic ingredients, and more. Our strength lies in the fact that 100% of the natural ingredients must come from organic farming. This 100% requirement makes our label a highly demanding, quality, and truly ecological certification.

We have our own strict Specifications that are constantly evolving. We take into account feedback from our members, regulatory changes, and requests for evolution. Any change in our specifications is first analyzed by our team to ensure it remains faithful to our ecolabel’s requirements.

An affordable, accessible label close to its members

Generally, eu ecolabel have many partner companies. Ecogarantie is a human-sized label, allowing us to support our members from start to finish.
Sophie Trenteseaux, founder of Make Senz, shared her testimony on this. Initially, Sophie wanted to obtain organic certification for consumers, so her clients could have a benchmark compared to other brands. Although Ecogarantie was not the most well-known label, it immediately attracted Sophie. As the head of a Belgian company, she wanted to choose a local label. According to Sophie, Ecogarantie was more affordable. It is a local and accessible european ecolabel.
Another important aspect, according to Sophie, was that Ecogarantie was one of the few labels where direct contact with the team was possible, unlike other European labels. The team is close and supports its members daily. Being new to the organic world, she needed a close and local label.

control certification ecogarantie

This sentiment is echoed by Natasha from Terra Gaia, who found Ecogarantie’s approach very personalized and warm.
We try to be as close as possible to our member companies to answer their questions and help them in their efforts. We also promote them on our website and social media to increase their visibility and SEO. We work closely with them daily, making them a major part of our communication strategy.

An annual audit to reinforce product reliability and quality

Sophie, the founder of Make Senz, also highlights the annual audit aspect. The demanding and strict nature of the ecological certification attracted her, as the imposed constraints are straightforward when the goal is to go organic. This made it a coherent and natural process. She says, “The annual audit allows us to correct certain errors and improve over the years. It’s not a constraint; it’s positive. It pushes us to question ourselves.”
She is absolutely right. Being certified by Ecogarantie means having an annual audit that ensures impeccable quality and a production method consistent with the ecological certification criteria.

In the field of natural and organic care, this is a very important pillar. The audit conducted by control bodies helps verify several points and stay regularly updated. It allows brands to have an external perspective, renew themselves, and offer their customers real ecological products.
Clemens from Uzay Kimya highlights that Ecogarantie makes no exceptions to the rule. What is written in the Specifications must be strictly followed. Sometimes, certain derogations are allowed but must remain exceptional if no alternative is possible. This must be analyzed by the control body, which is the final decision-maker.


An ecological label fighting against greenwashing

As mentioned in a previous article, our european ecolabel aims to denounce greenwashing and offer consumers real ecological products. Thanks to our specifications and strict product criteria, we are far from marketing gimmicks. Ecogarantie products are truly healthy and reliable.
This is confirmed by Charlotte, Communication Manager at Green Mood Organics: “At a time when greenwashing is banalized and more and more brands offer ‘ecological’ products that are not really, it was essential for us to find a partner representing our values. We chose Ecogarantie because we believe its specifications are more accomplished than other certifications. We are proud that no petrochemical derivatives, microplastics, phosphorous derivatives, or silicones are allowed. We are also very sensitive to the human approach that ensures real respect for people working throughout the supply chain and production. Thanks to our Ecogarantie certification, we are confident in offering products made virtuously and respectfully for our planet and its inhabitants.”

This is how our ecolabel distinguishes itself from others. We consider ourselves the strictest eu eco label.

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