How can Ecogarantie be a zero waste ecolabel?

Zero waste is a term that you may have already heard. But what does it mean? How can an ecolabel use this philosophy? Let’s learn how Ecogarantie (almost) achieves this goal.

What is zero waste?

Because of the decrease in resources and the high level of pollution, this philosophy aims at reducing our waste as much as possible. And the ultimate goal is to produce absolutely no waste in the end. Actually, it is a kind of ideology that anyone can attempt to reach. Applying the zero waste principles in your everyday life implies a lot of habits: using reusable or recycled products, refusing plastic bags at the supermarket, shopping in bulk, etc. And this is also a strategy that companies can employ when making your everyday products! However, creating something always has an impact on the environment. Some brands do their best to be as ecological as possible, but being zero waste remains an ideology they have to get the closest to.

How Ecogarantie is zero waste

You’ve probably understood it by now, it is impossible to be 100% zero waste. But with a little effort, we can almost win the fight. Any brand willing to get the Ecogarantie certification must comply with a strict zero waste policy. We strongly encourage them to have a good waste management during their whole production cycle. It means that they have to avoid any superfluous packaging and to make these with recycled materials. Better still: they can also make their packaging reusable! They also recycle at every stage of production.

But waste isn’t only a matter of materials. Our eco-labelled brands must reduce their energy consumption as much as possible. But creating cosmetic or washing products requires raw materials. Therefore, in order to respect our ecolabel’s commitment, companies have to source the materials used in their product responsibly. Last but not least, their activity must not generate deforestation. So, if you choose to buy an eco-labelled product, you can be sure it respects high standards in terms of ecology!

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