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Our Mission

Help you find real ecological products


Do you really know what's in your products?

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We want to help you find REAL ecological products.

As the strictest ecological label on the market, the members of our non profit organization strive to offer you the best and safest products there are on the market.

All this effort comes from a real belief to heal the planet: The Ecogarantie products are submitted to strict ecological requirements and
all vegetable extracts are 100% organic.

All our members products are checked by independent control bodies.
This way, our certification is completely neutral.

At Ecogarantie, we support companies without greenwashing techniques.

It is crucial for the consumer to have a choice, and for that reason we cover a wide range of products:

Air Fresheners
Pet products
Baby Products
Feminine hygiene
The Ecogarantie labelled products

We like to raise awareness about the environment, decipher the ingredients in your products and give you a better understanding of greenwashing techniques so that you can buy REAL ecological products.


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How our members feel about us
We are proud to produce entirely organic soaps! From sourcing the material to our sustainable packaging, the Ecogarantie label allows our expertise to shine with their values to support a local and sensible economy. Wash your hands and stay safe!


Our true guarantee and yours too! Ecogarantie is a serious label which supports us and shares our values. They gladly help on specific projects: in our case, the certification of our beewax! Changing the world can begin with beautiful collaborations like this one. We believe in it!


The Ecogarantie label echoes our values: Naturalness, respect, simplicity and local! Choosing them as a label was obvious for all those reasons. Since we created our brand, we are proud to display the label on our range of cosmetics and hygene products.


Be the change you want to see in this world