The strengths of the Ecogarantie label

The strengths of the Ecogarantie label


When consumers use a product that contains GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), their safety is not guaranteed. This is why the Ecogarantie standards completely prohibit the use of any GMO.

No petrochemicals

Derived from petroleum, petrochemicals can spread in the air, the environment and in your body, causing progressive damage if present in large quantities. Therefore, Ecogarantie does not allow labelled brands to use petrochemicals in their products.

Biodegradable & Organic

It is very important that the Ecogarantie labelled products are made of biodegradable ingredients. In addition, according to the strict standards of the Ecogarantie label, all components from vegetable origin are 100% organic.

Public nonprofit label

Ecogarantie is a nonprofit organisation. Moreover, it is not a private label, which guarantees that the products and their ingredients meet strict quality standards in terms of safety, ecology and ethics.


Ecogarantie remains completely neutral regarding the application of its standards. Independent third-party auditing bodies make sure that the members comply with the label’s rules in terms of ecology, waste management, ethics and safety during the whole production process.

What we stand for

Ecogarantie is an expert in protecting nature. With 20 years of experience, we are proud to tell you we are pioneers in the industry. Moreover, we are the strictest ecological and organic label on the market. All this effort comes from a real belief to heal the planet: we are an international company without financial goals. 

Products with our label are submitted to strict ecological requirements and all vegetable extracts are 100% organic (unlike other standards which require only 95% organic ingredients or even less). These demands are controlled by third-party companies, so the certification is completely independent.

Our Mission

YOU | Our mission is simply helping you to find real ecological products. We want you to see the Ecogarantie label and immediately trust the product. The label stands for certainty, honesty and transparency.

PLANET & SEA | Furthermore, Ecogarantie helps the planet and the sea. We protect our beautiful planet and all of its habitants by supporting companies that value Mother Nature as much as we do.

Our Vision

Together, we will make the world a harmonious place where we all live together: humans, animals and nature. The Ecogarantie label will become a standard for the non-food industry. Our certification guarantees safe environmentally friendly products for both the producer as well as the consumer.

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Air Fresheners

Sea Salt

Baby products

Pet products

Feminine hygiene products

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Key Values


The world needs to be a safe place, without any concern surrounding product safety. Therefore, we use high quality standards which guarantee this safety. Moreover, we are completely against animal testing: we want to protect lives, not harm them.


Discrimination damages trust and social interaction. Hence we do not accept discrimination of any kind: everyone needs to be treated equally. A qualitative relationship between processor, producer and customer is a must. Only by working together we can develop a sustainable world.


To reduce global warming, the brand’s ecological footprint is at its lowest possible. This is a certainty due to our zero waste policy, requirements concerning emission, transport… but also the strict ingredient policy.


We want to be 100% real and trustworthy for you. We take away your concerns and the planet benefits from it. To achieve this, we have independent third-party auditing controls in place, followed by transparent, open and honest feedback. We believe in accomplishing our vision of real integrity and neutrality.

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How people feel about us

A few years ago, I got pregnant. When my sweet baby was born, I started to think about her future. This dreaming soon turned into worrying. The planet is being destroyed for ages and although we know it, there is very poor progress. It gave me a mission: to change our lifestyle and buy different, durable products. By looking at the products that obtained the Ecogarantie label, I know which products are not only healthy, but also environmentally friendly.


The label really changed my life. One day, I was on social media and I saw a video about biodegradability. After seeing this video, I started to search for information. Suddenly I read something about Ecogarantie, so I looked it up. The values of the label really inspired me. That’s why I currently only shop for products that obtained the label.


I’ve been using labels for a long time to check if a product really is durable and biological. When I found Ecogarantie, I saw it was a label with very strict requirements. After I compared it with other labels, I noticed it was the strictest. That’s why I’m only using Ecogarantie anymore and I love it!


I like the variety of values Ecogarantie has. The label doesn’t only look at the ingredients or the ecological footprint. No, instead they have an enormous list of values which all need to be respected. This ensures that a product is completely safe, ecological, animal friendly… To me, this is the best label one can use!


I value the protocol concerning animal testing the most. Namely the fact that it’s not only forbidden for finished products, but also for raw materials. Since I’m vegan, this is very valuable for me. By using the label, I’m 100% sure there is no harm for animals.

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